Val di Sole is a tourist resort in Trentino, rich in traditions and unspoilt places to visit, surrounded by Alpine mountain ranges and full of natural parks dotted with lakes and unspoilt rivers. A place where you can enjoy the natural landscapes, as well as doing a variety of sports, such as skiing, snowboarding and ice-skating, not to mention all the characteristic local villages to visit.


06 Parco nazionale dello Stelvio bianco


You can see many varieties of trees and flowers, as well as many protected species of animals, such as deer, chamois and ibexes;

05 Parco Adamello Brenta bianco


This is the only area in the Alps where bears still live, a sign of how completely unspoilt this area still is.


The Brenta Dolomites are situated to the western side of the Dolomites area, representing a Dolomite “island”. The massif runs 40 kilometres from north to south and is 12 kilometres wide. Its natural borders are the Val di Sole to the north, the Val di Non, and the Paganella, to the east, the Valli Giudicarie to the south and the Valle Rendena to the west.

The Brenta range is entirely situated inside the Adamello Brenta Natural Park. Unlike other Dolomite massifs, that are all about slender lines and plasticity of masses, this superb ridge of limestone and dolomitic rock boasts majestic and austere shapes, where the rocky walls culminate in peaks and dihedrals of various shapes and sizes.

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