Trentino cuisine forms an integral part of what we believe makes a great holiday. Trentino is not just the place you come on holiday – it also sits down at the table with you. That’s why, when we prepare our dishes, we like to use typical produce from Trentino and Val di Sole, locally-sourced and always seasonal.



The watchword of our cuisine is authenticity. You can sense this in the aromas of our dishes, in the gestures and ingredients of a simple yet rich and evocative conviviality, which tells a story that dates back centuries.

On your plate, together with the skilful work of our cooks, you’ll also find the heart and soul of the mountains brought out in the flavours.



Our philosophy guarantees the quality of all our products at the same time as paying close attention to contemporary tastes and requirements. Special flavours and recipes are created for our guests who want to enjoy the freshness and lightness of the mountains.


Created by our chef using fresh and genuine ingredients that are always carefully selected, so you can enjoy our sweet Trentino in the best way possible.


The forests and the mountains, with their flavours and aromas, always create unique and rich recipes that embody tradition at the same time as modernity.


No matter what the season, our quality cuisine is always accompanied by a professional and attentive service that takes care of your requests or requirements.

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